Barbeque Wood For Sale

Fire up the grill using BBQ Wood and Barbeque Firewood from C-N-C Wood Sales. Servicing Piqua, Topeka and Wichita Kansas City, Kansas since 1998, we sell the wood you need to get your barbeque started.

We sell our wood and firewood by cords or bags that are approximately 50lbs. Cutting wood for over 40 years, we specialize in many different types of wood, including hickory, pecan, cherry, apple, oak, hedge, ash and maple.

Our sole goal is your satisfaction. We take the extra time and care to ensure your order turns out how you envisioned. To do this, we travel to cut the wood you desire and also travel to bring your order to you—we only ask you provide a small shipping fee.

We often go to barbeque contests to demonstrate the quality of our wood, and no order is too large or too small for us to complete.

Kansas BBQ Wood For Sale

Please contact us at 620-363-0760 or at with any questions or concerns.