BBQ Wood for Sale Manhattan KS

Looking to kick up the taste at your next barbecue? Add extra seasoning and flavor to your burgers and ribs with barbecue firewood from CNC Wood Sales.

For more than 40 years, CNC has served customers in Manhattan, Kansas, and throughout the state, providing great cuts of firewood for wood stoves, fireplaces and barbecues. They offer a wide variety of wood types for barbecuing, and each adds unique flavors and tastes to your meats. Their woods are often used in barbecuing competitions and are highly sought after by those looking to add great smokiness to their briskets, ribs or steaks.

CNC carries cherry, oak, hickory, pecan, maple, ash and apple wood varieties, each with a unique taste and character to add to your next barbecue. All woods are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any need, and shipping is available from their Piqua headquarters to your Manhattan location, as well.

All barbecue firewoods are available in full-, half- and quarter-cord quantities for larger cookouts, as well as in 20-pound and 50-pound bags of chips or chucks. CNC cuts and delivers all their own wood and can accommodate special quantities or requests, as needed. Customer satisfaction is their singular goal – other than helping you have the best-tasting barbecue in Manhattan!

For more information on placing an order or for any questions, contact CNC Wood Sales today at 620-363-0760 or by email at